Our executive team 

The Executive Committee guides the overall direction of the Society and manages its relations with both stakeholders and partners. 
Tania Olivier

Tania is a third-year undergraduate student, reading Management. She interned at Goldman Sachs in the Investment Banking Division and will join full time next year. She is passionate about innovations in the Energy sector and particularly by its economic, financial, and political dimensions, such as the future of carbon markets, blockchain, and general geopolitical energy cooperation. She also finds the debate surrounding the energy sector to be today more critical than ever, given its implications on sustainability and climate change. This is why four years she created the media Our Opinion (www.ouropinion.info), where students from the world can publish articles sharing their views on current affairs. 

Kevin Ketchassi
Head of Sponsorships 

Kevin is a student in MSc Accounting and Finance at LSE. Following a Bachelor's in Economics, two summer internships in M&A and Corporate Finance led him to specialize in financial auditing at Sorbonne University. He worked at TotalEnergies and EDF Renewables, which was a perfect fit with his interest in the field of energy and gave him a thorough understanding of the economics and integrated value chain of global energy systems, as well as the opportunities in renewable energy. He is particularly interested in all aspects concerning the Energy transition for a climate-neutral world and the development of infrastructure in emerging economies, especially how the professionals have to find responses to face these challenges.

Francesco Nobili 
Co-Head of Events

Francesco is a second-year student in the LSE- Sciences Po Double Degree in International Affairs. He is deeply interested in the energy sector’s political and financial dynamics. He believes the energy transition will generate geopolitical shifts, making international cooperation key to decarbonizing our systems. Equally, through an internship in sustainable finance at Allianz, he got fascinated by how to contribute steering financial institutions towards supporting the energy transition. He joined the Energy Society because he believes engaging with fellow students sharing the same interests,  as well as getting exposed to professionals working in the sector are among the best way to learn. He previously founded and organised the Hikma Summit of International Relations at the University of Bologna and contributed to the Sciences Po’s Students and Leaders Summit.

Paul-Amaury Brault
Vice President 

Paul-Amaury is a second-year student in international History. While he is fascinated by the geopolitical implications of the use of natural resources, his passion for the Energy industry comes from his interest in climate change and the need to decarbonise the industry to meet the 1.5°C target. Last summer, he has interned in an impact investing fund selling nature-based solutions to mitigate carbon emissions. Since then, he has a keen interest in the voluntary carbon credit market and carbon mitigation systems. After one year as the head of events of the Energy society, he is now assisting Tania in operating the society and designing an ambitious post-pandemic calendar.

Evan Li
Head of the Energy Fund

Evan is a 3rd year LLB student with a particular interest in EU law. As part of this, he is excited about the role that the EU will play in the Energy Transition and wants to be part of this concerted effort towards a decarbonised and greener world. Outside of law, Evan has recently joined a CleanTech Startup, which is based in Switzerland and invests in and develops sustainable energy storage solutions. A big chunk of his work there involves researching potential investment opportunities and doing due diligence. He hopes to use some of this experience to reinvigorate the Energy Society’s ‘Energy Fund’. He is looking forward to meeting like-minded LSE students with a passion for a career in the energy industry! 

Maya Rivera Rio
Head of Marketing and Media

Maya is a third-year undergraduate student completing a degree in Environment and Development. She is deeply interested in the energy transition, particularly on the socio-economic and environmental implications of this shift. Moreover, she is keen on finding economically viable and accessible solutions to reach net zero emissions. She believes international cooperation is key for reaching this goal. Maya is eager to form part of a society with people who have similar values, goals and visions in this field. Her goal is to grow and promote the Energy Society within the LSE community to educate and raise awareness on the importance of this sector and its multifaceted features.